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For singer-songwriter Mitski, home is where her music is - The ...
The Boston Globe
For Mitski Miyawaki, necessity truly has been the mother of invention. Performing as just Mitski, the introspective singer-songwriter plays a sold-out show at the ...

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Watch: Mitski Makes a Potent Late Night Debut on 'The Late Show'
The track speaks in part to Mitski's international upbringing that vastly complicated her notions national/ethnic identities — she was born in Japan and then moved constantly, living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malaysia, and Turkey before ...

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Featured Artist: Night Lights
LA Music Blog (blog)
They found their unique combination of indie, rock, and dream pop while experimenting with emotional lyrics and tempo changes in the academic-based music culture in Boston before packing up and heading west to LA. ... In a town filled with aloof ...